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Sickle Cell Uhuru Trust

Sickle Cell Uhuru Trust, (SCUT – Kenya) is a research and empowerment Non-Governmental Organization a member base of people living with Sickle Cell (Warriors) for whom we aid and facilitate in accessing proper medical assistance, engage them in worthwhile Socioeconomic activities for individual sustenance, and facilitating research efforts in a bid to establish lasting solutions aimed towards total eradication of this worldwide epidemic from our region.

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Sickle Cell Uhuru Trust

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To provide holistic support for those affected by sickle cell disease through compassionate care, collaborative partnerships, and adaptive programs.

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SCUT Kenya

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Support a warrior

⦁ Monthly support group Kshs 30,000, $300
⦁ Warriors one pay for NHIF for a year Kshs 6,000, $60
⦁ Insurance cover for a warrior for a year Kshs 100,000, $ 1,000- for a Kshs 500,000, $5,000= insurance cover for the whole family if the warrior is married or have children
⦁ For single warrior is Kshs 50,000, $500 – for Kshs 500,000, $5,000- for a year